About Us

Reliable Working Solutions LLC is an USA based company helping Service Industries all over the world increase their customer base, business profits and improve their service industry overall performance with the most innovative, affordable and user friendly CRM & Marketing System programs.

We have something our competitors don’t have; decades of experience in the Service Industry. Having owned both an Electrical Contracting company and a Fire and Security Alarm business for over 30 years, we know exactly what it takes to run a successful service business. However, we found that affordable, “Real Service” software with “High-Performance Marketing Campaigns” wasn’t available, at any price. We found that most applications that are currently on the market are just glorified accounting programs designed for large corporations and very expensive.

After investing in our own software company in 2001, we have developed several software programs that cover the "Real Needs" of your service industry as well as thousands of small businesses that want to grow their existing client base.

Our vision is to help as many businesses as possible to organize and grow their customer base and increase their profits regardless of the economic environment!

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